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Oregon ArtsWatch recently profiled an exhibit that opened in Lincoln City this month that showcases what happens when a group of local artists is invited to play telephone. But instead of a phrase that's whispered, here the prompt came in the form of two photographs, including one of the Oregon coast taken at sunset. Each of the participating artists had only the work that preceded them for inspiration to interpret visual details, colors or objects they saw or imagined, and chose to pass on in their rendering for the next artist. The result is 18 works in a variety of different media, from watercolors to sculpture, fiber art to spray paint, some bearing little resemblance to the work that came before it. Krista Eddy is the visual arts director at the Lincoln City Cultural Center and the creator of the exhibit. She and Sam Jacobson, a featured artist based in Cascade Head, join us to talk about "The Telephone Game Group Invitational" which is on display until Feb. 11 at the Chessman Gallery at LCCC. 


"The Telephone Game" Group invitational at the Lincoln City Cultural Center

Each artist renders their version of the one before them and displayed together, you will be able to see how the image changed with each artist.

Jan 05 2024    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Do you remember the game where you whisper a message from one person to the next around a circle and when it gets to the end it is very different than it began? This is the premise behind this art exhibit. Each artist renders their version of the one before them and displayed together, you will be able to see how the image changed depending on the style, process and mood of each artist.


Sat Dec 2, 2023 1:00 PM - 10:30 PM        Bridgespace Commons, 97214

The dreaming cauldron is an afternoon and evening retreat that includes a workshop, film-performance, potluck dinner, spacious lounge time, and whatever else the attendees may want to experiment with. Together we "look forward to rest" as the northern hemisphere turns toward the still point of the winter solstice. We work with the voice of the season, moving downward, inward, and into the open dreaming of yin. 


Blue Line Arts: Lore and Legend         May 27-July 8        

Update: 2nd place winner with Golden Egg!

Lore & Legend is a juried selection of work from a national open call to artists. The exhibition features works inspires by fantasy, mythology, and speculative fiction.

ART on the EDGE is a self-guided tour of the studio spaces of well known, coastal visual artists, with about 70 artists, an estimated 30 studios, and a huge variety of mediums represented and ranging in location from Neskowin to Newport and east to Toledo, Oregon. These artists will show off their exclusive locations, demonstrate their creative processes and sell their work. Learn more at artstudiotourlccc.com

Join us Friday June 9th for Butoh Cabaret, a provocative dance infused art performance with a cast of talented dancers and performance artists. Local and out of town guest performers.

Butoh is an avant-garde performance art originally developed in the 1950s and 60s by Japanese dancers Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. In the words of American butoh icon Joan Laage, butoh is a "philosophy of the body," a process of questioning and exploring the boundaries of the human experience. Butoh can simultaneously deconstruct and reveal meaning that is hidden or unknown. Its unconventional movements and aesthetics invite those who are witnessing to reimagine existence and their own expectations of art, society, and the body.

Around the same time and place as the inception of butoh, dancers began experimenting within the cabaret and nightlife scenes of the Tokyo underground. Butoh Cabaret invites a more festive and flirty fusion approach to the typically dark and heavy themes of butoh. Butoh and butoh cabaret are informed by surrealist imagery and implement structured choreography as well as improvisation.

Enchanted Grounds              Dec 16th 5-7pm 

The art of Veta Bakhtina and Janet Runger

Chessman Gallery at the Lincoln City Cultural Center

540 NE Hwy 101. Lincoln City, OR

This show's got legs

Artistic duo takes new exhibit in stride

by Gretchen Ammerman

Two artists with wildly different backgrounds and techniques but equally impressive talent and imagination will share collaborative and solo efforts in the next exhibit at Lincoln City's Chessman Gallery. 

The Mayor's Show (2022)         Feb 12 - Mar 5, 2022

Presented by Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA)

Newport Visual Arts Center

777 NW Beach Drive, Newport, OR 97365

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts presents the 2022 Mayor's Show from February 12 through March 5 in the Runyan Gallery at the Newport Visual Arts Center. The Mayor's Show features nine artists selected from the 89 Lincoln County artists who participated in the 2022 PushPin & ClothesLine Show during January. The nine artists were selected in consultation with OCCA VAC Director Tom Webb and Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer.  

The nine participating artists are Veta Bakhtina, Barbara Flewellyn, Sylvia A. Hosie, Rebecca Hooper, Herb Kately, Julie Lamberson, Janet Runger, Wendy Schwartz, and Carol Shenk. 

Steep yourself in art

Samovar favorite artists are at Toledo's First Weekend

By Gretchen Ammerman 

I use art as a way to work out or explore a concept in-depth, whether it's a therapy or a spiritual exploration or just exploring your feelings about something, it's a very useful process. It's fun too. For me it's painting, but it could be dance, writing or whatever you choose as your creative outlet. Just give some time to it and you will learn about yourself through the process."

Absence makes the art grow fonder 

Art on the Edge Studio Tour returns after COVID hiatus

by Sabine Wilson

Bakhtina is a powerful fine art painter whose works are easy to get lost in. Painting with her heart on her sleeve, Bakhtina revisits her childhood in Russia to draw inspiration from and also to pay homage to.

"My childhood inspires my work. I came here in the 90s after the Soviet Union was dismantled," she said. "A lot of my work ties back to my heritage and my culture and that is very grounding for me."

Full article:


Artist making her mark in Toledo

by Susan Schuytema, August 20, 2021

There are things that for me, as an emigrant of the United States, have influenced my work in a very real way. That longing and nostalgia for our homelands can be crippling at times for emigrants. I paint what I need to paint." Nearly all her paintings include elements of the landscape of her youth.

"The closest link for me is the astounding visceral sensation of being in a place you love. Place, for me, has always been an important concept," she explained.

Full article: 


Local Artist Yelizaveta Bakhtina Mixes Old and New World Art to Olympia

by Gabriel Basea

I met with Veta in her studio. Inside, the walls are filled with her recent works and the cabinets are loaded with well-loved paint tubes and distressed brushes. She offered me a fresh carrot and the interview began. Veta grew up in St. Petersburg at the end of the communist era when Russia was still the Soviet Union. Recalling her childhood, she had nothing but good things to say. Her family had properties in both the buzzing city and the peaceful countryside so her environments were diverse, and being a child, she didn't have to bear the weight of being an adult in such a serious time. She also came from a literary family: her grandfather was an author. "We also had family friends that were translators," she shares, "which afforded me an immense library of children's books from around the world that were translated into Russian".

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