Bachelor of Fine Art, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA


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Public Art and Large Scale Installations

2021 "Butter and Lace" 8'x12' Local bakery mural. Toledo, OR

2020 "Revolution" 12'x25' Commons mural, Orca Books. Olympia, WA

"Oliver" 10'x8' Commons mural, Orca Books. Olympia, WA

"Artists on Board" 12'x50' Commons mural. Olympia, WA

2019 "Old City" 15'x6' Commons mural, Sweet Hostel. Budapest, Hungary

2018 "Mar I Tierra" 7'x30' Community art project with kids in low income neighborhood. Punta De Mita, Mexico

"The Jungle" 12'x20' Auditorium installation, CSO El Kole Art Collective. Barcelona, Spain

2017 "Cask" 4'x5' Private Collection. Olympia, WA

2016 "Evening Joy" Permanent Banner, S. Capitol Neighborhood Banner Contest Winner. Olympia, WA

"Forest Floor" PBIA Traffic Box, City Beautification Contest Winner. Olympia, WA

"Window Light" 8'x12' Private Collection. Tumwater, WA

2015 "Alaffia Mural" 12'x117' Public art commission, Alaffia Co. Tumwater, WA

"Nebulons" 8'x20' Mural, Olyphant Art Supply. Olympia, WA

2014 "Everyone's Fish" 20'x50' The Evergreen Scene Shop. Olympia, WA

2013 "Dog and Catfish" 8'x20' Private collection. Olympia, WA

"Art Deco Woodland" 8'x30' Public art collaboration, Mansion Glass Studios. Olympia, WA

"The Flying Bok Choy" 200 sq.ft. Mural, Olyphant Art Supply. Olympia, WA

2009 "Apple Cellar" 1000 sq. ft. Traditional Fresco Commons Mural. Dorf an der Pram, Austria

2008 "Cat and Magpie" 7'x18' Commons mural, The OKII Bookshop Community Space. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Look" 12'x40' Commons mural, Forte Prenestina Collective. Rome, Italy

"Mermaid" 8'x8' Commons mural, Forte Prenestina Collective. Rome, Italy

Selected Exhibitions

2021     Gristle Gallery, Deep Within. Brooklyn, NY

             Crow's Nest Gallery, Veta Bakhtina: Collection of Works. Toledo, OR

             Chessman Gallery Cultural Center, Art on the Edge: Studio Tours. Lincoln City, OR

2020    Bakova Gallery, Veta Bakhtina: Collection of Works. Huffington, NC

2019     Mortlake and Co, Veta Bakhtina: Internal Landscapes. Seattle, WA

             Axis Gallery, Matrix of the Trees. Seattle, WA

             Ghost Gallery, Art of the Tarot. Seattle, WA

2018     Family and Juvenile Courthouse, The Magic Traveling Bunk Bed. Tumwater, WA

2017     Olympia Welcome Center, Spring Arts Walk: Veta Bakhtina. Olympia WA

2016     Browsers Books, Veta Bakhtina: My Domovoy. Olympia WA

2015, Veta Bakhtina: Creatures' Secrets Animal Divination

2014     The Evergreen State College, The Beggars Opera. Olympia, WA

             The Evergreen State College, Chinese Opera. Olympia, WA

2010     Ink Gallery, Veta Bakhtina. Highlands, CO

2009    CU Boulder Library Permanent Exhibition. Camelia, Boulder, CO

Related Experience

2020-21      Resident Artist, Crow's Nest Gallery, Toledo, WA

                   Juror, Toledo Arts Commission, Toledo, WA

2010-20      Curator, Olyphant Art Supply, Olympia, WA

2017-18       Illustrator, BFF! RPG, Heart of the Deernicorn, Olympia, WA

2011-14        Head Scenic Designer, TESC Theater, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA