One of a kind, original painting.

Framed gouache painting of rooftops, night and day painted on Balkan / Baltic Art Tour 2019

The paintings in this series were completed as part of a travelogue during the summer of 2019. During this art tour of Eastern Europe I traveled through the Balkans, Baltics, and up towards my Russian homeland by train, bus, and rideshare. I visited Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia before crossing over to Russia all in just about a month and a half. While it was one of the swiftest journeys I've ever taken, I met amazing friends; fell in love with some of the rich and peaceful Muslim traditions, learned about the years of war-torn history and Christian/Muslim conflict in the region, and grounded my self by creating art along the way.

Beautifully framed and matted, ready to hang. 
Framed painting measures 9" x12". Image size 5" x7".